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Why Lithium?

There is alot that goes into making music. From inspiration to concept, from rough draft to production, and from post production to distribution there are countless details in the making; endless hours in the process. There are considerations, conversations, conclusions, and revisions. 

There is something fundamentally human about bringing that original etherial series of synapses into the world as a piece of art. Sometimes it’s about simply communicating a well known idea to another human being, and sometimes its about something more; transcendance, growth, becoming. Often times it is both.

Music is incredibly powerful and important in that way. It often informs the creator and our culture. It can lead to personal groth while influencing listeners for years, decades, and beyond. When looking back it educates, inspires and ties us even more deeply to our own humanity.

Lithium Mastering is about transforming your art from production to finished product. At Lithium your sound, your input, and your feedback come first. 

Please contact me directly with questions about my services and rates.

Joe Finstrom