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Affordable audio mastering.

Every artist should be able to afford high quality audio mastering. At Lithium  you get the same affordable rate whether you’ve been around the business before or you’re having your first track mastered. From first hearing your mix to finalizing your master and beyond I offer great value at a competative price. I will beat the price of any mastering engineer. 


Professional quality.

Before I do any processing I take time to listen to your tracks. I rely on the input I get from you about how you would like your mastered tracks to sound and I take time along the way to ask questions as they come up.

As a mastering engineer it’s my job to listen critically and offer my perspective. I strive to balance  your mix by listening not only to the quality of the sound, but also to the vibe and character of your composition and mix.

My service includes mastering for CD, digital download, streaming services, and Apple Music. I’m not done mastering until you are %100 percent satisfied.

After your tracks are mastered I can help take the steps needed to get your music in front of your fans and listeners.    

Audio Mastering

Personal service.

I started Lithium Mastering out of a calling. It’s about more than just mastering audio; it’s about making a connection with you and your music that will translate into a positive experience for your listeners and fans. 

There is alot that goes into making music. From inspiration to concept, from rough draft to production, and from post production to distribution there are countless details in the making; endless hours in the process. There are considerations, conversations, conclusions, and revisions. 

There is something fundamentally human about bringing that original etherial series of synapses into the world as a composition. Sometimes it’s about simply connecting a well known idea with another human being, and sometimes its about something more; transcendance, growth, becoming. 

Music is incredibly powerful and important in that way. It often forms the creator, and  informs our culture. It can influence generations of listeners for years, decades, and beyond. When looking back it educates, inspires and ties us even more deeply to our own humanity. 

When you send me your music I’m going to listen. It’s so simple. It’s so human. I’m going to listen and I’m going to use my skills as a mastering engineer to translate your mix into a finished product that you and your fans will enjoy. 






Convenient workflow.

At Lithium Mastering getting started is easy. Cleck HERE to get started then follow the steps. I’ll be in touch to answer your questions and schedule your session. In the meantime, please check out my FAQ

Getting started is simple. 

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