Audio Engineer

My name is Joe Finstrom and I am the creator, owner, and audio engineer at Lithium Mastering LLC. Lithium is where my interests in music, music production, and audio engineering  all come together. Prior to starting Lithium I worked as a freelance audio engineer and musician.

I love mastering because at its core it is about listening. I enjoy being exposed to new music and new sounds. As a listener I know that some things are subjective, while as an engineer I know that some things are completely objective. I like the play between the two and the freedom to use what I hear to find creative ways to make a mix stand out. I learn something new from every artist and every mix. It is a vital part of my humanity.

I understand the creative process and what goes into a mix before mastering.  As a mastering engineer it’s important for me to stay connected with that. Music is not just sound. It is a language that commuicates emotions and ideas. It connects people. Helping artists convey their ideas and messages is an integral part of my job.

My formal education comes from The Institute of Production and Recording where I received an AAS in Audio Production and Engineering. I also hold a BA from Augsburg University in Music and Music Business with a minor in Studio Art and Graphic Design.

In addition to being an audio engineer I am a devoted father and husband, a loving dog owner,  a passionate cellist, a pretty wicked bass guitar player, an avid swimmer, and a big fan of mother nature.