Audio Engineer

My name in Joe Finstrom and I am the owner of Lithium Mastering. Lithium is a professional audio mastering studio located in Minneapolis, MN offering mastering for CD and digital release as well as digital file resotoration and file conversion. Lithium is an Apple Digital Masters certified studio. For more information about services and rates click HERE.

Audio mastering is all about listening. Knowing how to listen and what to listen for is a skill. For decades I have trained my ears to understand the elements of music and characteristics of sound. Curiosity has guided my development as a listener by exposing myself to different styles of music, new sounds, and greater understanding of the biological process of hearing. 

Mastering takes patience and discipline. Every artist and every track is a little different. I take my time to listen, make changes, and check my work. Your input matters greatly. My work is not done until you are fully satisfied.

My interest in audio mastering began with exposure to mastering engineers like Bruce Templeton and Dave Gardner. At that time Magneto Mastering was in the same facility as the Terrarium Recording Studio where I worked as an intern. I would would pick up on insights about audio stuff and life in general from those guys during breaks. I noticed a different kind of mindset when it came to engineering. Over the next several years I began to explore that through my works as a freelance musician and audio engineer. 

Dispite making a concious decision to pursue the art of audio mastering, I never really left the world of musical performance and audio recording. I continue to play symphony music with my cello, and I’m continuosly pushing myself as a songwriter and arranger while still taking gigs as a recording engineer. Understanding the many facets music and audio makes me a better mastering engineer. 

My formal education comes from The Institute of Production and Recording where I received an AAS in Audio Production and Engineering. I also hold a BA from Augsburg University in Music and Music Business with a minor in Studio Art and Graphic Design.