Online Audio Mastering 

Mastering audio online is easy and time saving. Below you will find my standard services and rates. If you are looking for a service that I do not offer please ask and I may be able to point you in the right direction. Also, as a courtesy to you I will beat the rate of any mastering engineer. All you have to do is provide proof of their current rate. 

Update: due to COVID-19 all sessions are done remotely until further notice. 

Special COVID Pricing:
All mastering services are $25.00 per track

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Albums and Singles


AIFF files (16bit, 44.1kHz) and DDP image
WAV files at the original session resolution
Free revisions

Albums and EPs over 5 tracks also include mastering for digital distribution (streaming services and iTunes).

Please ask if you want a physical CD.

Digital distribution

Services like Spotify and iTune use lossy file types like MP3s and AACs. They also have different standard for loudness. If you take your high resolution master and upload it to spotify or iTunes it may be compressed and  distorted. 

As a result, In addition to your high resolution AIFF and WAV masters I process subsequent masters to be optimized for these different codecs. This service is included with all tracks that I master. Please ask if you want this service.

Mastering for streaming services (Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, etc.)

Highest quality WAV file optimized for specified streaming service.
$25 per track

Apple Digital Masters – Certified
(Formerly Mastered for iTunes)

Highest quality WAV file that meets the ADM standard 
$25 per track.

The Apple Digital Masters certification ensures that the audio you upload to Apple and iTunes meets the standard for mastering to Apple’s AAC codec. Audio mastered via this process can be badged as an Apple Digital Master when it is uploaded to Apple to show your listeners you are committed to providing the highest quality audio possible.  

Online Audio Mastering

 Additional Masters

Additional masters for use with commercial, TV, or film such as instrumental only, no lead vocal, lead vocal only, and vocal up 3dB files are a bundled at a $25.00 flat rate per song. 


Other Services

Digital File Conversion
To and from any digital file format.

Contact me for pricing and more information.

Audio Restoration and Editing

Contact me for pricing and more information.